The Detailed Agenda

Monday & Tuesday, April 11th & 12th : Entrepreneurs and Industry Insiders

Business Modeling and Business Model Analysis

The first 2 days of the course cover the essentials every business needs to know and gives participants a strong foundation on which the additional lessons can build. Broken into two halves, Business Modeling and Business Analysis offer a rich methodology, teaching participants how to model, research, test and grow a business.

Using the School for Startups 10 Question Method TM (10Q) the entrepreneurs will be able to diagnose the current state of their business (or business idea) and ensure they have a sound model and a clear focus on the next steps. At the end of the two days, they will have clear answers for what they make or do; who their customer is; where to find them; how to market to them and how to brand and sell themselves.

The Industry Insiders will have the opportunity to watch the teaching method in action and will participate as facilitators to get hands-on experience in Socratic Teaching.

Wednesday Morning, April 13th: The Entrepreneurs

Your Offer, Your Price, Your Budget

This session is designed to help participants grasp the value of their product or service, so that they may cost, price and sell it effectively. Mastering the art of pricing services, as well as wholesale and retail prices for products is a key step in building a solid finance model. It is also critical in creating a brand that speaks to its audience at an appropriate level. The second half of this session takes what the participants have learnt about pricing and applies it to understanding a business’s basic finances: net and gross, incomings and outgoings, necessary spending and alternative methods. Across the day participants are guided toward better money management and, in turn, long‐term success.


Wednesday Afternoon, April 13th: The Entrepreneurs

Pitching, Negotiating and Selling

In this session, participants learn how to perfect their pitching skills to tell their story. They master managing their breathing, the perfect pause and how to capture the imagination of their audience. Participants will develop an understanding of the essentials of pitching to key audiences including customers, investors, press or buyers to ensure they always put their best foot forward using targeted messages and standard formats. In the second half of this session participants will focus on the art of negotiation how to control a meeting, extract key information and gain leverage. Learn how to read a situation and deduce the desires of the opposition in order to negotiate a favorable deal.


Wednesday All Day April 13th: The Industry Insiders

Site Visits

On the third day the Industry Insiders will take part in a tailor made site visit tour including information sessions with key staff members / stakeholders. These visits are really about viewing ‘real life’ examples of working incubators and emerging business support companies and interrogating management staff to explore the inner workings of running successful support programmes. The visit will include key organizations for the ecosystem such as investors, accelerators, successful entrepreneurs or governmental agencies for the creative industry in the UK. These opportunities give the participants an insight to the variety of programmes on offer in London and the chance to compare, contrast and analyze what works and why and what, if anything might be relevant to their home organizations.

Thursday Morning, April 14th: Entrepreneurs and Industry Insiders

Leadership and Landscape

Participants will take part in this morning session addressing how the UK developed its creative industry (with a wide ecosystem vision), explaining the main milestones, the strategy from the public and private sector for this industry, and the key aspects that the ecosystem must consider to achieve this (e.g. environmental factors, infrastructure, legal frameworks). An understanding of this foundation is crucial for participants to understand in order for them to make the most of their time in London but also to prepare them for the site visits and to take away key learning’s to employ back in Colombia


Thursday Afternoon, April 14th: Entrepreneurs and Industry Insiders

Site Visits 2

On the afternoon of day four the participants will visit key organizations for the ecosystem such as investors, accelerators, successful entrepreneurs or governmental agencies for the creative industry in the UK. These visits will be determined and tailored to the needs of the participants, and these visits might include organizations such as Cockpit Arts, Centre for Fashion Enterprise, Central Saint Martins, Collective, Crowd cube, Fast Forward, Founder Centric, Front Row, Impact Hub Westminster, Imperial Innovation, London Business Angels, NESTA, Seed Camp, Wary, We Are Pop Up – and many others.

Friday April 15th: The Entrepreneurs and Industry Insiders

Review and Planning, Resources and Research

During the morning session participants will explore the world renowned British Library where they will meet 1 to 1 with an in house staff member from the Business IP Centre who will help them gain access to individually relevant materials to help with their projects.

In the afternoon, as a group the class will review the key learning’s each took away from learning the 10 Essential Questions. Under the guidance of their course leader, participants will then spend some time discussing and addressing the feedback they’ve received from the business advisors on their 10 questions and the relevant material they have reviewed at the British Library. Participants will then work on their business proposal and pitch. Business advisors will be on hand for anyone who requires 1 to1 support.

At the end of this day, participants should have all the materials they need to make some useful headway toward determining their next steps of their businesses, as well as being prepared to present their pitch the following day.

Saturday April 16th: Entrepreneurs and Industry Insiders

The Pitch

On this final day, each business will have 10 minutes to present to and 10 minutes to field questions from a panel of leading experts (representing investors, press, buyers, entrepreneurs etc.). A shortlist of contenders maybe asked to comeback in for follow up questions if the panel feel they need more information to make final decisions. All participants will receive feedback on their performance and their work. After the presentations are done and the judges confer, all participants will be called back for an evening award ceremony and drinks reception where one participant will be awarded a grant.


Saturday Evening April 16th: Entrepreneurs and Industry Insiders

Drinks Reception and Awards Ceremony

A reception for all the participants and guests from the eco-system in London to network, wind down and announce the company that wins the £7,500 grant and the industry insider who gets to spend a month in London progressing their career.