Web Fuelled Business

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  • DatesNovember 2011 - March 2012
  • Participants4600 entrepreneurs

the client

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

the brief

Teaching a large number of small firms how to use the web to grow their business by reducing costs, winning customers and accessing to finance is ‘low hanging fruit’ in terms of stimulating growth and jobs in small firms.

our solution

In 2012 BIS ran a pilot with School for Startups and Yell – with £750k BIS funding and £600k sponsorship from YELL – 4,600 small firms attended a one-day boot camp in English cities to learn digital business skills and gain further access to additional online educational curricula.


During these live workshops, participants learnt all the key concepts you need to know to make the right decisions:

  • How to get ranked in the search engines.
  • The secrets of pay-per-click advertising.
  • How to use social media effectively.
  • How to get products into key web marketplaces.
  • How to get an ecommerce site built cost effectively
  • The secrets of using the web to reduce overheads and increase staff productivity.
  • How to Leverage Amazon to support businesses, sell products and fulfil orders worldwide.
  • How to use Facebook and Linked In advertising
  • How the government will help export your products


All participants who attended the workshops received access to a series of free online video classes that continued the learning after the seminar. These online classes were created by School for Startups and included the following areas:

  • How to Grow a 21st Century Business
  • The Secrets of Search: Optimizing your site
  • Spending Pennies to Make Pounds: How Adwords and AdSense Advertising Really Works
  • Setting Up Your Own E-Commerce Site & Taking Advantages of Marketplaces
  • No Nonsense Social Media: How to use it and not let it use you
  • Getting Productive: Web Tools to drive down overheads
  • Exporting: How to Get Export Credit to Support Overseas Business


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